Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Me & BB1M

HaSiL BeBeLLaN serikandi_ibtisam at 3:03 AM
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RM 100 spent already!
What do i bought with RM100???

Venue: Book Garden

1. National Land Code worth RM29
2. 4 type of Pen (2 blue, silver & gold)= RM6
3. 2 type of Files= RM4
4. 2 types of Sticky Gum(uhu,glue)=RM3
5. Sharpener= RM1
6. Card= RM3.50
7. Nail CLipper= RM1.50
8. Wrapping Paper= RM 1

RM50 mission accomplished!

Venue: IT Fair

1. Cooling pad (good brand)= RM25
2. Headset= RM25

RM50 mission accomplished!

ps: as an ipt student we really need electronic stuff (seriously ==)
TQSM for the voucher.

Today...hamboihhhh memanjang SEPIKING!!!
hehehe anyway i join the bidding session at the IT fair
Bidding for 4GB sandisk brand Pendrive
MP: cost bout RM16

so...i join the bidding because i need that pen drive
jemu tau everytime i was like asyik
bertebal muka borrowing pen drive from my pal
hiak hiak :D
even my pal pun jemu tengok i >.<
bukan apa hurmmm i always met with an unfortunate events
with my pen drive

1. 1st semester: 4gb Kingstone brand PD given by my mom
my fren pinjam it for about 1 or 2 weeks and suddenly return it and say it couldn't be used
(==") pffft...(my heart cryin and uttered deeply ''hello can u replaced it???"
but my face smiling and my mouth lying saying that "awww its alrighty" <3 months="" p="" pd="" the="" with="">

2. 3rd semester: Then i bought a new PD at PC fair which is 4gb Kingmax brand PD using my own money
i put a long band which always used by people to tie on something like key chain
but.... (==") even i tie the PD with something which would be easier for me to detect
the PD....the PD still went missing...OMG (2 weeks with the PD)

because of that 2 tragedy after a few years till semester 6th  (current semester)
Only now then i decided to buy a new PD
which is through the bidding

i won the last bidding session for the 4GB PD

6st semester: 4gb Sandisk brand PD (how long would it last for?)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My OrdiNaRy LiFe with Korean Drama: Just an Ordinary Love

HaSiL BeBeLLaN serikandi_ibtisam at 11:17 PM
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Kisah tentang seorang pemuda yang jatuh hati pada
seorang gadis yang merupakan anak kepada pembunuh abangnya.
perasaan yang rumit bukan?
Namun kisah ini memang simple
Jalan cerita memang simple
Just like an ordinary love story
anyway apa yang ''aku'' perempuan biasa
nak fokuskan di sini ialah:-

biarlah kehidupan ini memiliki cinta just an ordinary one
tak dapat lah nak buat kisah hidup ni macam fairy tale
atau macam novel....drama....dan semua yang kita impikan
plus memang aku pon impikan
(ceh...ade hati nak bermimpi ==)
anyway wish all the best to all
(suddenly wishing the best haha apela!)

*glurp* -_- im nervous
hiak hiak hiak
(almaklum setelah sekian lama tidak membebel
dalam blog sendiri yang bersawang~sawang sudah)

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