Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Me & BB1M

HaSiL BeBeLLaN serikandi_ibtisam at 3:03 AM

RM 100 spent already!
What do i bought with RM100???

Venue: Book Garden

1. National Land Code worth RM29
2. 4 type of Pen (2 blue, silver & gold)= RM6
3. 2 type of Files= RM4
4. 2 types of Sticky Gum(uhu,glue)=RM3
5. Sharpener= RM1
6. Card= RM3.50
7. Nail CLipper= RM1.50
8. Wrapping Paper= RM 1

RM50 mission accomplished!

Venue: IT Fair

1. Cooling pad (good brand)= RM25
2. Headset= RM25

RM50 mission accomplished!

ps: as an ipt student we really need electronic stuff (seriously ==)
TQSM for the voucher.

Today...hamboihhhh memanjang SEPIKING!!!
hehehe anyway i join the bidding session at the IT fair
Bidding for 4GB sandisk brand Pendrive
MP: cost bout RM16

so...i join the bidding because i need that pen drive
jemu tau everytime i was like asyik
bertebal muka borrowing pen drive from my pal
hiak hiak :D
even my pal pun jemu tengok i >.<
bukan apa hurmmm i always met with an unfortunate events
with my pen drive

1. 1st semester: 4gb Kingstone brand PD given by my mom
my fren pinjam it for about 1 or 2 weeks and suddenly return it and say it couldn't be used
(==") pffft...(my heart cryin and uttered deeply ''hello can u replaced it???"
but my face smiling and my mouth lying saying that "awww its alrighty" <3 months="" p="" pd="" the="" with="">

2. 3rd semester: Then i bought a new PD at PC fair which is 4gb Kingmax brand PD using my own money
i put a long band which always used by people to tie on something like key chain
but.... (==") even i tie the PD with something which would be easier for me to detect
the PD....the PD still went missing...OMG (2 weeks with the PD)

because of that 2 tragedy after a few years till semester 6th  (current semester)
Only now then i decided to buy a new PD
which is through the bidding

i won the last bidding session for the 4GB PD

6st semester: 4gb Sandisk brand PD (how long would it last for?)

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