Saturday, February 12, 2011

BusY MoNtH StreSS WeeKs

HaSiL BeBeLLaN serikandi_ibtisam at 6:22 PM
Assalamua'laikum and a very goooooddddd morning
all praise to Allah that i'll be able to do some posting for this wonderful morning (huu...hope that everyday it will be a wonderful moment in my life...haha) far so great yea
Quite suspicious and it was unbelievable that i am blogging in English
yea sometimes we have to do something that is unpredictable...
yea, FYI even i was blogging in English i am still i a wonderful Malay Girl haha
ok...enough with the bla bla bla i'll proceed with my story

heres the story begin,
yaaa...since the mid-sem break had just fly away far away and yaaa
i enjoyed my break really really really enjoyed playing, relaxing, sleeping, dreaming,eating and all others unbeneficial activities that will be do by "singles" that is far away from the family (what dot dot dot kind of girl i am : seriously not a good calon menantu) huhu
however, i am still me a 'wonder woman' yea so called like...
by my friend "styuhada the best" hehehe
yaa...i am good in cooking as i like to eat eat and eat
yea... i am good in cleaning stuff....haha dusting2,mopping2,jing jong jing jong ^_^
however what was im trying to tell exactly here is...
yea this month are gonna be 'DEAD MONTH' gonna dead to keep on try and try to complete all the assignment
assessment dot2 dot2 waaa seriously...
do u all think that the inside of us there was the robot spirit or maybe there are some wires connecting???haha just joking...
however i am manage to get all of the things into order and quickly submit all of the assignment assessment yea wanna get rid of it away from my eye... (why all begin with ass???isn't clearly shows that it was something bad right??) haha...
ok...wish me the bestieeee for all the exam and work

god bless al of us

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