Sunday, February 27, 2011

HaSiL BeBeLLaN serikandi_ibtisam at 8:37 PM

Today, i am still breathing...breathing...
and breathing...
the greatest gift that Allah still give me today
a chance to live in this beautiful world the creation of Allah s.w.t

Today, while sitting in the library
waiting for the second class begin at 2pm todays
i was wondering, thinking and mumbling to myself
about myself
the questions that sudd
enly burst in my mind...

1. how much do i had contributes in this life?
to my family? friend? citizen?
and the most important
for my second life in the other world that i no nothing bout it
but only the dark side of it
My precious God Allah
suddenly i feel dizzy hihi but yeah honestly
i think i've not done enough in this life
well im supposed that at this time..this moment
for my only one precious life with my only one precious heart
beating...dup dap dup dap dup dap

i must musT muST mUST MUST

1. controll my stress first before i start doing anything...
anywhere, i never stress easily...
just that my head will feels heavy heavy
and heavier if i keep on thinking and doing work
2. tawakal to Allah in every situation that
i will confront in the future...
well i am a type of happy-go-bad....
yea...i smile smile smile then something goes wrong
and i keep on smiling. ordinary person,
i am the one that will easily feels frustrated
to someone that make fools of me
or using me for their own benefit.
Even though they treated me so meanly...
badly...but what can i do???
SahabatMusleemshouting in my heart crying so damn heavily like a non-stop rainSahabatMusleem

3. i must be confident in myself...ya...thats right huhu urm i am not someone that have no trust on my own...but sometimes i... im... i just cant show off myself as who i am in this new life...ya life as a 'campus student'. Here...hell...yea here there was a lot lots more student who is compete among others and got a real zappp potential that i do not have. what i have???ya i only have....(secret)

4.Change my habit when i was angry i will eat eat and starting from today onward i will try to run run and run to kaboom my angriness so that i will not poop it out to others... well i do not like to hurt others feeling

to be continue...

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