Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bad LucK GirL

HaSiL BeBeLLaN serikandi_ibtisam at 3:42 AM
greetings to all the reader of 'cerita anak orang'
or known as 'the story of someone's child'
kind of...hehe ^_^

tomorrow we'll be having lunch together with PEHIN
huhu i'm glad that i was given a chance to be there
perhaps maybe just come to eat???

ok...back to the point
the reason that i'm blogging today is just that
i wanna share some story with y'all
the story about the bad luck gurl
guess who??
yea it was me,myself or i

well, im just an ordinary gurl who live this life
singing around...
smiling around...
wandering around...
all the things that a happy person always do 'seriously'
however the sad part of my life as a happy person is
i am the one with
"happy go bad"
this was a serious issues =_=
huhu but this is not the end of my life right???
ok...everytime when im doing something
there's gotta be something going wrong with it

today: when i was driving suddenly...
the car out of gas=oil omg ALLAH
this was the 3rd times the tragic tragedies happened to me

yesterday10x: the car that i rent...yea the battery
situated within the engines
well maybe boys know better bout it
hurmmm =_= the battery is weak and causes
the car couldn't be started
then i contact the car's owner
and both my friend and i have to push the car
in the middle of traffic and it was raining during that day
omg u can imagine how's that feels
yea...a girl...pushing a car???omg
huhu it is quite embarrassing but
yea...just do it

then...up till my age 21 i already
involved in the accident 2 or 3 times omg =_=

what else could i say...there's a lot of story
that i wanna share with y'all
but time is being jealous to us huhu
ala semaine prochaine....
hope to share more knowledgeable info with y'all!


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