Tuesday, December 6, 2011

49 46 49 46 49 Day$ i'm searching

HaSiL BeBeLLaN serikandi_ibtisam at 4:35 AM

Assalamua'laikum to all reader!
ya harini dalam masa beberapa jam
siap dengan penghayatan...
aku menghayati dan fokus tanpa berkerdip twink2
mataku menonton cerita ni

aisehmen sangat sedih gila badak
(==i) blurrppp adakah sedih tahap tuh!
wokay simple je ada satu ungkapan aku nak buat
simple dedication from deep of my heart

If i am going to die...
I would like to be given a chance by Allah
to have me live this life once again
for 49 days (why 49???)
pssst: I will live my life to the fullest
seeking for those who would cry for me
100% true tears just like 49days korean drama

and i realize from the beginning of my new journey
the more i seek for the tears....
the more i realize i'm the one who burst out the tears....(T_T)

coz i know who hated me
coz i know who loved me
coz i know the truth and lies beneath all the time
i had given in my life

oh God...
please help me

aminnn (>("""i""")<)

cecece....==i created by me ~emotionally~

anyway i would like to suggest all of u!
yeah outside there^_^
do watch this drama coz it makes
you appreciate life as long as you still live>_<

For more info bout this drama sypnos:-
feel free to click the link provided below

Thanx wiki!
Thanx withs2
Thanx my fren!

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