Thursday, May 17, 2012

Live Life To The Fullest

HaSiL BeBeLLaN serikandi_ibtisam at 5:21 AM
How are you?
Hope all the readers would be great as usual no matter who you are
& where you are!
WOW my blog remains silence for almost a year!
However, it's ok...i just wanna share something
that come across to my mind today
and Thank GOD for opening my heart to
SO TRUE!!! warghhh

While googling mingling gigling around the Google
Suddenly bumped with this beautiful words personalize with wonderful image
Oh My God the words really touched my heart!
Hurmmm yea sometime as a so called 'normal person'
we might be thinking do the person who is close to you
really love you for what you are?
Hurmmm...because everybody hates to be hated right?
and THE MOST what we hates is to be betrayed by those who you really love
I really hates that!!! and NOBODY ever wanted such things happen!
So, what do we really want actually?
To be hurt by honest words or
To be happy by deceitful words?
It depends...

Hurt might be the greatest things you should choose
Because the sore in your heart will be healed
It would takes time...
But to be loved for something you are not
is much more hurt because you do not know
you have been living this life meaningless


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